Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google Improved Search In Field Trial

Apparently, Google has been in field trials for an enhanced Gmail search function that somehow escaped my attention until yesterday. I discovered it when I began a search through my Gmail and saw this invitation.

It's standard Google new product stuff where you have to sign up for the field trial and wait for them to contact you. It's hard not to feel like this is more marketing than necessity but who knows. Anyway, I signed up for the trial and await their response. 

The invitation says that they are working on a consolidated search that would look through the indexed Internet, Gmail and Google Drive. 
As you type a search in Gmail you'll instantly see relevant emails as well as results from Google Drive, Google Calendar and more.
 Your searches on Google.com may bring up relevant emails, files and more from Gmail and Google Drive.
Google also promises an enhanced flight tracking feature.

The link to sign up for the field trial is here.

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