Monday, November 5, 2012

Patch Media. Hyper Local News In The Digital Erra

I find Patch Media interesting. Patch has hyper-local news sites in 23 states and in the District of Columbia. Instead of serving major cities, Patch sites serve small communities around larger cities. It's completely ad-supported with no subscription needed. Near Greenville, South Carolina, Patch Media has, and

Traditional newspapers continue to downsize and put more content online but they're hobbled by the legacy costs of printing and delivering newspapers. Patch Media has nowhere near the reporting resources of those traditional newspapers, even after layoffs, but the Patch business model makes a lot of sense to me, with their full-time staff augmented by local bloggers and, I believe, freelance reporters.

 Headquartered in New York, Patch Media had to deal with hurricane Sandy. How they did so sheds some light on their business. See “Inside Patch During Superstorm Sandy” 

Patch Media was launched in December 2007 and acquired by AOL in 2009. For a map displaying all communities currently being served, see

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