Thursday, December 27, 2012

Google Voice Domestic Calls Free For At Least Another Year

Google offers a lot of products, free products, that I believe are completely under-appreciated simply because they are free. I first signed up for Google Voice (initially called Grand Central) when it launched in 2009. From the start, it allowed me to make free phone calls from my computer, and when I got an Android phone, I began using Google Voice from my phone providing me with a second phone number on the same phone. I prefer the Google Voice voice mail over the one provided by Verizon Wireless. I especially love that it transcribes and emails me my voice mail.

Domestic (U.S.) calls are free and International calls are very inexpensive. But Google never said it would offer free domestic phone calls forever. However, at the outset it said it would be free "at least through the end of the year". It has renewed that offer each year so I've been waiting for an announcement. Yesterday in a blog post, product manager Mayur Kamat announced that the offer has been extended through the end of 2013.