Friday, December 14, 2012

Loud TV Commercials Now Illegal

The federal government is having no success in reining in the huge U.S. deficit or noticeably improving a very bad economy but at least it has its arms around another serious problem: Loud TV commercials.

Amid all the holiday hoopla, you probably didn't notice yesterday that the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) went into effect yesterday.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) promises to "evaluate individual complaints that provide specific information about the commercial in question and track them to determine if there are patterns or trends that suggest a need for enforcement action".

So here is your chance to join the TV commercial police and report violators to the federal government! Just use this this convenient online form. Be sure to note the offending company or station call sign, whether or not it is a cable or over-the-air station, advertiser, program you were watching and the date and time,

The requirement does not apply to radio stations which can continue to wreak havoc on our eardrums with commercials louder than the music if they wish and there is nothing you or I can do about it.