Monday, January 7, 2013

107.3FM WJMZ Dominates Greenville Radio

Arbitron has a virtual monopoly on radio measurement in the United States. It's gotten harder to get any information about them because Arbitron more tightly restricts the release of the information, even of the raw 12 years-and-older ratings. Most advertising is purchased based on adult ratings, especially for 25-54 year old adults.

It's no surprise to me that WJMZ 107.3 FM (Jamz) is number one, but the size of their market share impresses me. 

According to this January 4th Press Release, WJMZ has an 18% share of radio listening in any given quarter hour on average. 
"Cox Media Group announced today that 107-3 JAMZ / WJMZ-FM has the #1 position in 12+, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, Men 25-54, and Women 25-54. 107-3 JAMZ also celebrated #1 in 25-54 AM Drive, Midday, PM Drive, Nights, and Weekends."
Take it from a guy who spent a lot of years working in radio, an 18 share is a significant achievement and a big win for WJMZ and owner Cox Radio.