Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Need Newsprint

newsprintI don't subscribe to any newspapers that are printed on paper any more. In fact, I've seen digital newspaper subscription offers where the newsprint is included free and I still decline. I decided I just didn't want to deal with recycling or discarding the newsprint.

I do still have some old-fashioned newsprint around the house. The Tribune-Times, a division of Greenville News, is delivered free to our driveway on Wednesdays. A newspaper a day would be too much newsprint but one a week is good because I discovered something: No newsprint at all is a problem.

As everyone knows, but I temporarily forgot, newsprint has uses beyond newspapers. It's a household tool. I cover floors with newspapers when painting and I use it on the garage floor when working with any kind of oil. And recently, I resumed a long-neglected practice of garden composting. Newsprint is good for that. So I not only use newsprint, I now hoard some of it for when I need it.

And should they ever do away with printed newspapers altogether, I just found out you can actually go buy it! As hard as it is to imagine paying for something I once couldn't get rid of fast enough, if I ever have to, I can always buy some newsprint from Staples. That would be odd.

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