Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Google's New Voter Information Tool

Google announced on its official blog yesterday that it launched the Google Voter Information page.

I’ve been reading for quite some time about Google and political resource pages but I was skeptical about these ideas having much value. I was wrong. The Voter Information Tool is excellent, even indispensable for me going forward.

It used to take multiple searches to find out where our voting location is, get a sample ballot and then get the results afterward. Yes, I know the results of major elections are easy to find but what if you wanted to know how a minor candidate did in your hometown? With this page, it’s all easy and it’s all in one place. 

There's ballot information with links to candidates’ social media sites and voting rules and requirements. The tool is easy to embed on any website and is open source so developers can modify it to create custom versions. They're even working with others like Foursquare and AT&T to work building apps on their Civic Information API

Voter information is not limited to United States elections. Try the new Voter Information Tool yourself right here.

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