Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All About Freemium Cloud Storage

Freemium has become one of the web's most popular business models. A freemium is a product or service, usually software, media, games or web services, that is provided free, but for which a premium is charged for advanced features or functionality. And cloud storage is a business dominated by the freemium model.

Dropbox.com was among the first, offering free storage, plus additional space free in exchange for referring others with a cash price if you need still more storage. Then there's Apple's iCloud. There's Goole Drive and on and on.

I can't be the only frugal person who figured this out, but you can sign up for multiple free services and string them together to create a LOT of free storage.

I signed up for six services and relocated each one in the My Documents folder. I am able to back up 40.8 Gigs of files online, absolutely free.

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  1. Add CloudMe to your mix and you'll immediately have an additional 3GB of free cloud storage. Up to a total of 19GB free space with referrals :-)