Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Advice: Stay Home

The idea of going out shopping the day after Thanksgiving has always horrified me. Christmas, as we all know, has become commercialized beyond all recognition to begin with and Black Friday is the culmination of its worst aspects.

Still, convinced that it is the best opportunity to save money, or simply because of tradition, millions of people crowd streets and shopping centers on Black Friday.

Fortunately for me, my avoidance of Black Friday not only saves me time and sanity but also money. Black Friday simply doesn't even offer the best deals available.

So says Shauna Casey of Research Company "Our advice to consumers is sleep in on Black Friday. The best deals are actually before or after Black Friday” she said on CBS This Morning. Only 30 percent of products looked at as "door-busters" were actually a good deal on Black Friday.

Oh, and Cyber Monday? says that's hype too

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