Friday, November 2, 2012

David Allen's Recent Talk at TEDx Claremont College

I'm a big fan of David Allen. He took a single idea and built an entire career around it:

Your mind is a great at creative thinking but terrible at remembering and reminding. If you don't have a way to consistently get things out of your head and into an external system that you trust to remind you at the appropriate time, you will remain in a constant state of stress. 

If you've ever felt some relief simply by creating a list of all the things on your mind, then you've had a small taste of what he's talking about.

His 2002 book, Getting Things Done ©, presents a system popularly known as GTD © and its proponents as GTDers.

Allen gave a talk at a TEDx event at Claremont College on September 29th. The video of his 22 minute talk was posted on YouTube on October 30th.

Forbes named David Allen one of the top five executive coaches in the United States.

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