Monday, November 26, 2012

Google+ Is More Than You Think

I ran into a friend over the weekend who said he really wished Google+ had taken off. He said it in such a way as to suggest he thinks its time has come and gone. It hasn't, its use is still growing.

Here's why people think Google+ is "a ghost town": They compare it to Facebook which is driven by friendships. So they sign up for Google+, and look for their friends. They find a few but those few don't post much so they figure "ghost town".

Google+ isn't driven by finding friends, although you can do that too, it's driven by interests. That's why over the last year I've been "circled" (followed) by 122 people, most of whom I've never met. Many of them are overseas and a few of them don't even post in English (Google translate works well for this). Google has a lot of reasons for doing it this way but I'm not here to write a book, just a blog post. You can circle me at

My friend +Scott Meadows of +Red Spark Marketing tells me that interest in Google+ among business owners is growing and asked me to repeat a presentation I made on July 11, 2012 to the Greenville, SC Meetup at Ford's Oyster House Downtown, sponsored by +Greenville Marketing LabThe day is not set but it will be for Scott's group The Carolina Business Connection on a Monday in January. 

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