Friday, November 23, 2012

NY Jets Are Textbook Case On How Not To Run An Organization

If you want a really dysfunctional organization, start off by hiring a guy like Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan to run it. He will display lots of swagger and tough talk and make ill-advised boasts. He will tell the people under him how great they are and how they are better than their competitors before they have even accomplished anything. He will continue to make public predictions about beating his competitors even after it is obvious he should stop, making his losses all the more embarrassing.

Of course you would never keep a guy like Rex Ryan around, but then you're a lot smarter than Jets owner Woody Johnson

The Jets were blown out on a grand stage last night losing on Thanksgiving in prime time to division rivals The New England Patriots. The Patriots scored 35 points... in the second quarter. The final score was Patriots 49, Jets 19

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