Thursday, December 6, 2012

12% Of Students Still Using Printed Books For Research

A Pew Research Survey revealed - Suprise! - for most students, "research" is nearly synonymous with "googling".

"The survey reveals search engines top the list of resources students use. Teachers’ perceptions that their students use only a handful of resources and rely mainly on search engines for their research are echoed in survey results.  Asked how likely their students were to use a variety of different information sources for a typical research assignment, 94% of the teachers participating in the survey said their students were “very likely” to use Google or other online search engines, placing it well ahead of the other sources asked about.  Second to search engines was the use of Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias, which 75% of teachers said their students were “very likely” to use in a typical research assignment.  And rounding out the top three was YouTube or other social media sites, which about half of teachers (52%) said their students were “very likely” to use."

No surprise there. What is surprising is what is revealed in the accompanying infographic. 12% of students are still using (very likely) print-only books other than textbooks.