Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Communities Lighting Up Google Plus

Google+, is said to be a ghost town by people who can't find their friends there. Explain that to +HilahJohnson who has been circled, as of this posting, by 2,489,305 people. I never heard of her
until last week when Google+ launched "communities".  Google+ Communities are electronic bulletin boards organized by interests. Overnight my inbox was flooded with requests to join newly formed communities. I quickly figured out how to turn off those notifications.

Back to +HilahJohnson, I met her when I signed up In The Kitchen, a food community. I was intrigued by the number of people circling (following) her and found that she has a weekly web-only cooking show at HilahCooking.com. She and her show have an impressive following achieved, as far as I can tell, entirely through social media. If she is using Google+ and Communities and you're not, maybe you should take another look.