Friday, December 21, 2012

Google Is King But Yahoo/Bing Is Still Interesting

I'm all about Google. Still, it's fascinating to watch Yahoo. CEO Marissa Mayer was Google employee #20 in 1999 and stayed until she was recruited to run Yahoo in July, so she knows a thing or two about them.

Seems like a lot of Internet marketing experts want to write Yahoo off, which is remarkable considering how much of the search market they still control. It's not Google but it's not insignificant either. I suspect some of them relish their Google expertise and would rather not go to the trouble to learn about Yahoo and Bing, it's search partner.

Says Yahoo on its blog:
  • 152 million Americans use the Yahoo! Bing network each month, and 45 million use it exclusively 
  • 63% of online Americans use search engines every day, and nearly 1/3 of them use the Yahoo! Bing Network. 
  • Yahoo! Bing users conduct 5 billion searches a month---29% of the U.S. search market That equals 152 million people in the U.S.---and 45 million are unique to Yahoo! Bing 
  • They spend 7.4% more than a Google searcher

The new Yahoo promotional video is here: